Soldier and flag

Thunder on the Mountain

This event was fun. Keep next year's first weekend in August in mind for this event.

Thunder on the Mountain battle

Pound Gap

Pound Gap changed hands several times during the Civil War. Future president Garfield led a campaign to eliminate a Confederate outpost at the gap. General Marshal led Confederate troops through the gap on raids into Kentucky, and back out, as did John Hunt Morgan.

The reenactment takes place on the mountain. A Civil War monument near the top can also be visited.

Civil War Artifacts

We have a very good display of CW artifacts, and have recently added several of interest. A Confederate belt buckle with an embedded bullet leads to speculation as to what happened to the owner.

More Artifacts

We recently purchased a board from Elmira prison, a brick from Libby prison, and a bottle from Lookout Point prison to go with our straight razor and print of Andersonville prison. We have a piece of General Lee's hair, and the same from Abraham Lincoln.

Andersonville Prison

Blacksmiths Meet at General Store

The Southeastern Kentucky Blacksmiths Association will meet at the General Store Tuesday, August 15, 6 pm. They will work on various projects in the blacksmith shop August 12.

Battle of Leatherwood

Board Meeting

Our next business meeting will be on Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 3 pm at the General Store.

General Store

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