Soldier and flag

5th KY School of the Soldier

The 5th KY Volunteer Infantry, a Confederate organization, will hold their annual School of the Soldier April 26, at Wildcat. This training covers safety, troop maneuvers, and a skirmish.


Basket-Making Class

Wayne Whitaker and his wife, Sue, taught a beginning basket-making class at the General Store Jan. 20. This basket is used to hold and dispense plastic bags accumulated from grocery and other stores. She plans to teach a class each month. Both Wayne and his wife are accomplished basket makers.

Oak basket Basket Class

Basket Class Photos

Here are some photos from the January class. Next class is April 17 at 3 pm. Click here for a link to a page with more pictures.

Basket in progress Class

Art Show

Kerry Crutcher is showing a painting, etching and some drawings in the General Store. Click here for a link to larger images.

Bricklayer Basket in progress Priest

Blacksmiths Meet at General Store

The Southeastern Kentucky Blacksmiths Association will meet at the General Store Tuesday, April 15, at 6 pm. Bring a covered dish for a pot luck dinner. Anyone interested in blacksmithing is welcome.

Battle of Leatherwood

Board Meeting

Our next meeting will be May 18, 2014 at 3 pm at the General Store.

General Store

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