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County Fair

The Perry County Fair was well attended. We set up some of the stations which will be at the October reenactment. Click here for a temporary link to pictures.

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T Shirts

T shirts are now available at the General Store. The design states the date of the battle, shows a salt kettle, since the battle took place at the salt works, and has watermelons and leaves, as the story was that Confederates were stealing watermelons from a deaf and dumb fellow's patch, when the Union troops fired on them. The bottom ribbon is from a 1913 Grand Army of the Republic medal.

T shirt

Soldiers at the Battle of Leatherwood

We now have a listing of the soldiers involved with the Battle of Leatherwood. Check Leatherwood/History of the battle on the menu. I will provide a temporary link here. Check the listings for your ancestors or relatives.

Civil War Flags

Blacksmith Shop

The Blacksmith shop has a new roof thanks to the Hazard-Perry County Tourism Board. We appreciate their assistance. The Tourism Board is the primary funder of improvements in the building and facilities of Brashearville.

Blacksmith shop

Blacksmiths Meet at General Store

The Southeastern Kentucky Blacksmiths Association will meet at the General Store Tuesday, July 21, 6 pm. Bring a covered dish for a potluck dinner.
Anyone interested in blacksmithing is welcome.

Battle of Leatherwood

Stone Forge

We have constructed a stone forge as a permanent forge in the blacksmith shop. It has a huge antique wooden bellows. These pictures show it before completion.

Stone Forge Stone Forge Stone Forge

BOL Activities

The Battle of Leatherwood Board is involved in many things. Of course, our primary focus is to host a fine, family-oriented reenactment. As part of that, we conduct an Education Day for school kids in several counties, demonstrating Civil War activities and pioneer living. Ads and donations pay for this, so all a school needs is bus fare. We send speakers to schools upon request. We make molasses to demonstrate an old process, showing how our ancestors made their sweetener. And, we collect or build examples of architecture and pioneer living which could have been used by our ancestors when they moved into this country. We call this village Brashearville.

Education Day

Board Meeting

Our next Board meeting will be on July 19, 2015 at 3 pm at the General Store.

General Store

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