Soldier and flag

Swinging Bridge

High water damaged the swinging bridge. Some cables pulled loose, but we have all the parts, to be put back in place. This is one of few operating swinging bridges in the area. They were common at one time, and much appreciated.

Bridge Upright Upside Down Bridge Swinging Bridge in creek

More Disaster

A large chunk of the south end of the battlefield washed away in the recent high water which destroyed the swinging bridge. Part of the cane patch is gone. Beavers built a dam on the east side, which diverted water into the bottom. We tried to have this repaired last year, but ran into a bureaucratic shuffle at the state level, when they required an engineering study, core samples, etc. which we could not fund. The high water did a tremendous amount of damage. The point of the first picture ran along the red line a couple years ago.

Water Damage Water Damage Water Damage

New Pictures

We have a new exhibition of paintings and drawings by Kerry Crutcher on display at the General Store. Shown are a charcoal drawing of an Appalachian preacher, an old hat, George, an American Indian, and a still life copy after Kalf.

Preacher Hat George Kalf

Blacksmiths Meet at General Store

The Southeastern Kentucky Blacksmiths Association will meet at the General Store Tuesday, April 21, 6 pm. Bring a covered dish for a potluck dinner.
Anyone interested in blacksmithing is welcome.

Battle of Leatherwood

Stone Forge

We are constructing a stone forge as a permanent forge in the blacksmith shop. It will have a huge wooden bellows. These pictures show it nearing completion.

Stone Forge Stone Forge

BOL Activities

The Battle of Leatherwood Board is involved in many things. Of course, our primary focus is to host a fine, family-oriented reenactment. As part of that, we conduct an Education Day for school kids in several counties, demonstrating Civil War activities and pioneer living. Ads and donations pay for this, so all a school needs is bus fare. We send speakers to schools upon request. We make molasses to demonstrate an old process, showing how our ancestors made their sweetener. And, we collect or build examples of architecture and pioneer living which could have been used by our ancestors when they moved into this country. We call this village Brashearville.

Education Day

Board Meeting

Our next Board meeting will be on May 31, 2015 at 3 pm at the General Store.

General Store

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