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Hazard Christmas Parade

The Hazard Christmas parade will be Dec. 9, beginning at 4 pm. Members of the Battle of Leatherwood will participate. Dress warmly, and wear gloves. It is predicted to be cold.


Christmas Party

We will have our Christmas party on December 16, beginning at 5 pm. We will have ham and side dishes and a gift exchange. This will not be a business meeting. We will have a nice dinner and end another successful year on a good note.

2017 Publication

Our annual publication is now on line. It can be viewed by clicking on the picture, and using the menu clicking on Leatherwood/Publicity/2017 Newsletter.

Reenactor Training

Many people have asked how to get into reenacting, so we will have a school next spring, and offer training in safety on the field, marching in formation, weapon commands, etc. It is tentatively scheduled for the second Saturday in May (May 12). You may register by calling Gary Begley at 606 438-0494, or contacting Kerry Crutcher at

Consignment Service

If all the high living and holiday food has caused you to outgrow your uniform, or you have items you don't need, we offer a consignment service for CW items- uniforms, leathers, surplus guns, etc. The ladies are included, and can sell their ball dress which no longer fits. We sold a couple belts, a jacket and a cap on consignment at the reenactment. This puts money in the seller's pocket, and gives the buyer a nice item at a reduced price.

Shell Jacket

Civil War Artifacts

We have a very good display of CW artifacts, and have recently added several of interest. A Confederate belt buckle with an embedded bullet leads to speculation as to what happened to the owner.

More Artifacts

We recently purchased a board from Elmira prison, a brick from Libby prison, and a bottle from Lookout Point prison to go with our straight razor and print of Andersonville prison. We have a piece of General Lee's hair, and the same from Abraham Lincoln.

Andersonville Prison

Blacksmiths Meet at General Store

The Southeastern Kentucky Blacksmiths Association will meet at the General Store Tuesday, December 19, 6 pm.

Battle of Leatherwood

Board Meeting

Our Christmas party will be on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 5 pm at the General Store. We will not discuss business. We will elect the 2018 Board at our January meeting.

General Store

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